good to be evil

when the good and the series turned 90 degrees to evil and become the worst
Action crimes ranging from small scale such as stealing until the high scale, which had occurred long terrorism. There are bad people, there are good people, the question: why is there evil people and there are good people? The flow of Humanistic Psychology believes that man is a good patch, but why are there bad people? Philip Zimbardo, in his research, revealing why good people can become evil and evil people to be good. He found that there are two major factors underlying it, namely:

1. Disposition (can be considered as an innate personality of a person)
2. Situation (a certain situation can make people become evil or good)
3. System (Political, economic, etc. which creates a situation experienced by the people)
Of those three things, the psychology of previous researchers still believe that someone has a bad character because they do have the 'seed' born evil been eating. But Zimbardo found that it is not true. He found that the larger the environment in making a person becomes evil. In the 1970s, he made a risky experiment on the subject, namely "Stanford Prison Experiment".

In this experiment, he asked for volunteers to help are willing to play the role as a prison guard and inmates for a full 2 weeks. The study involved people who had no history of jail or doing any crime, can be said that they were all good people. From the beginning of the study, they actually diskenariokan as prisoners, from the picked up at their homes in a police car and the handcuffs from the police, until the rules of the prison simulation, located in the basement of Stanford University. The first days of the study proceeded in accordance with estimates, but in a few days after that, there are events beyond expectations. The guards began to act out the instructions on the grounds 'educate' the prisoners who do not discipline, followed by a reaction against the prisoner. There was even one prisoner who until tantrums and eventually must be removed from the study for fear of finding negative effects of the experiment. Because of the chaos that happens repeatedly, the study concluded within a week.

From the study, Zimbardo concluded that environmental factors are a very strong factor and dominant in changing a person of good to evil or vice versa (the discovery of the against the old theory that the disposition (personality) a person is dominant in changing behavior. And of research, Zimbardo offers a solution, ie Heroism or 'heroic' collapse against the system and the resulting situation for the good of mankind.

Heroism is not a hero in the sense that Superman or some other amazing things. The definition of heroism is the heroism in the sense that dared to oppose a bad system and focus on solving a bad situation to be better with a little 'devian' or different from others. Zimbardo pointed out that in the case of Abu Ghraib prison, there is someone who dared to reveal the treatment of the wardens who are not people there to the media, that Joe Darby. He dared to take the threats of terror just to do 'what he should do'. And that is what is called the Zimbardo heroism by which he poured in his book, "The Lucifer Effect".

Philip Zimbardo describes in his research

When the prism of our domestic situation, where a lot of traffic offenders and the rights violators of human rights in front of our eyes, we should be ashamed and go back thinking of doing heroic acts. Why? If we allow these offenders, we have contributed to creating an unhealthy environment. And this is the environment that could create future criminals


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