Browsing satisfaction via phone using opera mini application. Often times we find a good image 2 on the site friend or animated examples naruto wallpaper, onepis, ueki, logo2 unique, background images and so forth.

If you want to see here the pictures are fine
Intention of the heart to download, but do not know how to download or create in pairs on our site (for which a site).
There is no intention to patronize .. I just love the info for you yet know how to download or just know the image address that we often encounter in the blog, wap, or the web.
Do not beat around - tele. This made our menggukan browsing opera mini version 4.2.

1. You select the menu in the left side of your screen hp,

2. Eenter addres choice, start page, Bookmarks, tools, and Exit. "You select the tools"

3. There are many choices tar example: forward, page information, add bookmarks, reload, find in page, save page, history, download jar, settings, help. "You select the page information"

4. After you click "page information" there are full details of the example: images, downloading images ..., general titles, addres, size, icon, security. "select download images ..."

5. After you select "download images ..." there is legkap Image details. You can click which image you choose. And live you download

NB: To more easily select menu, tools, help, follow the prompts shortcuts
INFO: This is also useful for us bloggers for giving pictures in each entry by using phonsel. We take the address of the image, without having to download and upload on wap

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