Street Fighter is back in a big way, at least the videogame, anyway. With Super Street Fighter IV
heating up the sales charts the world's most popular fighting game is firmly entrenched into the hearts and minds of fans across the planet, and while this usually means an inevitable movie version was on the way, let's remember what we're talking about. Hollywood has tried before - twice - and failed miserably to accurately portray the franchise's mythos on the silver screen, and even the most hardcore World Warrior wouldn't be faulted for thinking that the dream of seeing an accurate, respectful adaptation was just that.


Actor, stuntman and martial artist Joey Ansah (in The Bourne Ultimatum, where he played silent killing machine Desh) wants to do the impossible, he wants to prove that a faithful Street Fighter movie can be made and be good at the same time.

After the box office devastation cause by the previously released Street Fighter (1994) and Street Fighter: The Legend of Chin-Li (2009), Joey Ansah and Streetlight Films looks to redeem the Street Fighter's cinema honor with a new live action short that will be called "Street Fighter Legacy".

But just when you think that dreams can't come true, here comes a new challenger! Seemingly out of nowhere, acclaimed Hollywood stuntman and martial artist Joey Ansah (last seen in The Bourne Ultimatum) intends to throw his hat into the Street Fighter ring, and has crafted what could possibly be the most accurate live-action portrayal of any game we've ever seen. And the best part? Capcom has sanctioned the whole thing.

The movie will star Jon Foo as Ryu and Christian Howard as Ken.


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