Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a former American naval injured and disabled by war. He was selected to participate in the Avatar program, which enabled him to walk again. He headed to Pandora, a lush forest nan filled with all kinds of living things, made some beautiful and some of more frightening. Pandora is also home to the tribe Naa?? Vi, human-like creature with a primitive life and have the ability as human beings. When people tried to enter her to examine the mineral content is there, the tribe Naa?? Vi ordered his soldiers to protect his country from the threat he was recruited to be part of this project. Because humans can not breathe on her land, so they create a creature-like-ethnic Naa?? Vi which they called Avatar. In Pandora, the Avatar's body, he can walk again. Pandora in the forest, he saw a lot of beauty and danger. He also met with the young woman Naa?? Vi named Neytiri (Zoe Saldaƃ ± a). Over time, he mingled with the tribes Naa?? Vi and fell in love with Neytiri. In the end, he wedged between the goal post by the military to Pandora and the tribe Naa?? Vi, forcing him to take sides on an option that will determine the fate of the earth and the tribe Naa?? Vi
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