AVATAR in Ubi Soft’s E3

If you missed Ubi Soft’s E3 presentation just a few hours ago…consider yourself lucky. In addition to hackneyed celebrity appearances, tween charts, and prettied-up trailers featuring little to no gameplay, James Cameron graced the stage, spending a good 30 minutes verbally describing his complex, long thought-out narrative and mechanics describing the upcoming game adaption of his upcoming film, Avatar (which should come with a disclaimer that it is not, in fact, related to Avatar: The Last Airbender, which will be getting its own theatrical adaption titled The Last Airbender. Not confusing at all, right?).

Considering how Cameron’s lecture was devoid of any visual medium whatsoever, anyone still curious at how this ambitious project can take a look at the official website, which just went live moments ago. The website is devoid of much content aside from a few screenshots and a pre-order button, but James could have saved us all an agonizing experience by describing his opus as
“Halo meets Aliens”.

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