Blood Garuda

Following the success of the film 'Red White' who managed to score a box office in 2009 and, today, PT Indonesia in cooperation with the Media Village Margate House Films will produce the sequel film, 'Blood Garuda'.

Executive Producer sequel to Red and White, Hashim Djojohadikusumo revealed, the last year a lot of red and white film in box office success, also received numerous awards.


"The award in the country to various festivals and film markets in Los Angeles, Cannes, Pusan, Berlin, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Sydney, and Moscow. We are very pleased and honored that the audience will react unusually large and enthusiastic about an important story about the sacrifices of the heroes for the sake of unity, religious tolerance, and freedom


  1. Aulawi Ahmad said...
    i hope that can be a good movie not just symbolyze, tq 4 share :)
    Diary Osi said...
    wah...ini blog yg mana lagi...apa gak cape mengelola blog lebih dari ngurus 1 blog az malas nya minta ammppyyuuunnn
    Rizky2009 said...
    pati nih film seru bgt yh sob, jd apenasaran pengen liat, sekalain saya follow yh sob, follow balik jika berkenan
    attayaya jadi anak smp said...
    waaah aku blom nonton
    ntar kalo ada di bioskop deh
    Anonymous said...
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    Great share, thanks for your time

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