The first time open a youtube , my eyes glued on one interesting video. Mortal Kombat Rebirth. In my heart I was wondering what a sequel of the previous Mortal Kombat? Because of Robin Shou (Liu Kang in the MK cast I and MK annihilation) said that there will be a third film which is a continuation of his first film. Why continued his first film? This is because Mortal Kombat Annihilation as the second film is a product fails and including the worst films ever made.

Back to Court Rebirth. While waiting for buffering its completion ("buffer Dolo gan" Submit the word), I've been dreaming of for sure in this trailer will feature Liu Kang as the main role where he will be faced with Shao Khan's forces from another world.

Apparently, my imagination was completely wrong. More  trailer short film this really makes the Court very different from what is imagined by its fans (including me of course). Center of the story was focused on the Scorpion and Jack. Hoh ....? Besides they also raised also Baraka, Reptile, Sonya Blade, Jhonny Cage, and Sang Tsung (not all of it .... But a lot of character too).

I myself also could not understand why Jack and Scorpion? Though the Court has been synonymous with LiuKang, Sub-Zero, Kung Lao, Kitana, and Rayden as the central story. Is this a sign that the Court will be made very united as Van Dame Street Fighter-style first?

Ok do not suudzon first (hu hu because my first suudzon). View this trailer up. And I also langsug tersepona. The story is made more realistic. The characters of the Realm which is usually intangible and strange creatures have a mystical power, such that faces made sense. So do not suddenly appear from the mist or light and react with rich lebay previous films. From the side of the fighting was not too disappointing. Although oriented martial arts as a basic movement, visible elements of the MMA, wrestling, free, and also add cool street fights  action.

The question now is, what is indeed Bener Bener-trailer for Mortal Kombat? Or just fan made? But if the fan is also not made any Mu'in. The problem is that so Jax Michael Jai White was the famous actor (BTW crazy what Michael Jai White cuman pake create a fan made). Factors other than Michael Jai White, the quality was also filmed not kidding. Ato made this trailer just about the game?

According to a developing news, nih video made by Kevin Tancharoen. And this video was made for the then proposed on the WB aka Warner Bross. If the WB deal will close in awktu we will see action again the hero of the Constitutional Court on the big screen. Hopefully.


  1. tomo said...
    thanks sudah mw mampir gan
    FAISAL HILMI said...
    I dont know this film. Thanks.
    Toni Tralala said...
    I gotta see that! I used to play M.K. when I was a kid! :))

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