FF Versus XIII

Final Fantasy XIII is Square-Enix's main title in the Fabula Nova Crystallis Compilation. It's being produced for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 making it the first new Final Fantasy title on current generation consoles.

Final Fantasy XIII is set in a futuristic world controlling advanced technology and magical crystals. Pulse, the world Final Fantasy XIII is based on has had an evil history which has resulted in the construction of the floating utopian city called Cocoon. For a reason so far unkown, the citizens of Cocoon fear the world below.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII takes place in a dark, gloomy unknown city ruled by a young prince named Noctis. He is fighting to defend the last remaining Crystal, the mythos that binds the Fabula Nova Crystallis compiliation.

Noctis owns a kingdom which is in the middle of a cold war with an opposing side. He has been seen battling troops which are presumably from his enemies fighting for the last remaining crystal, using multiple weapons ranging from lances to swords and even a machine gun to fight off the attacking hordes.

Later he is seen speaking with a girl named Stella, who is a part of an opposing nation also presumably after the crystal. The story is said to be much like Romeo and Juliet in that two people both members of opposing families fall in love. Noctis appears very shy around Stella but is not an "emo boy", as Tetsuya Nomura put it. He is also friends with a group of people showing classic Final Fantasy traits; a man with a gun, a man who will attack with his fists and an intellectual looking man.

Aside from his friends and enemies attacking him at the gates, another mysterious man is seen attempting to also steal the crystal. He has only been shown briefly, but wears a distinct white cloak and wields powerful magic. His allegiance is unknown at this time.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has no solid release date, but development is well underway and gameplay has been shown briefly in scans which are sadly not of the best quality. The battle system is being designed by the Kingdom Hearts / Advent Children team, so it is fair to expect something a long the lines of the style of fighting seen in their previous projects. The city shown in the trailers so far has been modelled after real life areas in Japan and will contain elements of today’s world including issues like Global Warming. The story itself is heavily inspired by the works Shakespeare as quoted in multiple trailers: "Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so" is a famous line from Shakespeare's Hamlet. This line is basically the notion that good and bad is a perspective of an individual. It is likely the game will deal with this outlook on things.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is PlayStation 3 exclusive worldwide.


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