As someone who believes in Allah and observe all existing systems, alive or not alive, there in the universe with a caring eye, he saw that everything was created for humans. He knows that none appear and be there in the world by chance, but were created by God in a state that is suitable for human life.

For example, from the past until now people can breathe without difficulty at any time. Breathe air that he did not burn the nose channels, do not make him drunk or headache. The composition of the elements or compounds in the air gases specified in the most appropriate number for the human body. Someone who thought it reminded of something else very important: if the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere a little more or less than they are now, in these two states of life will be destroyed. He then remembered how difficult it is to breathe when in a place that does not contain air. When a believer constantly thinking about this problem, he will always be grateful to his Lord. He saw that the earth's atmosphere can be created in such a way that make it difficult to breathe, as many of the planets other. But not so in reality, the earth's atmosphere is created in the balance and order so very perfect that makes millions of people to breathe without difficulty.

Someone who endlessly thinking about the planet where he lives, how important water meyadari created by God for human life. Then he was thinking: people in general understand the importance of water only when they are short of water in a long time. Water is a substance that we need every moment of our lives. For example, most of the body cells, and blood that reaches every small part of our body is made up of water. If not, then the fluidity of blood is reduced and blood flow will be very difficult in the veins. Fluidity of water is not only important for our bodies but also for the plants. The water can reach the most tip of the leaf with the vein-veins are fine as thread.

Water mass is very large in the ocean making our earth a habitable place. If the proportion of the earth's oceans to be smaller than the land, everywhere will turn into a desert that does not allow for life.

Someone who is aware and think about it would really believe that there is such a perfect balance of the earth is certainly not a coincidence. After watching and thinking about these phenomena, it would appear that all things were created with a purpose by the Creator Owner of the Most High and Eternal Power.


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