Clash of the Titans Remake

The film is telling about the battle of the gods in Greek mythology, 'Clash of the Titans', with great success. 'Clash of the Titans' successful first rank cinema ticket sales worldwide.

As quoted by Reuters on Monday (5/4/2010), a film directed by Louis Leterrier was scooped up revenues of U.S. $ 64 million or around Rp 579 billion. Revenue gained so much 'Clash of the Titans' only in the continental United States (U.S.) and Canada alone since it was first played on 2 April 2010 and then.

One of the reasons that make the 'Clash of the Titans' best-selling in the U.S. and Canada since its inaugural screening adjacent to the Easter holidays. The movie was also released in the format of 3-dimensional (3D) also scored higher revenues in 15 countries.

Like in Spain, which recorded ticket sales of U.S. $ 8.6 million (USD 77 billion) within five days, then in England as much as U.S. $ 7.8 million (USD 70 billion) within a period of three days only and in South Korea U.S. $ 6.8 million (USD 61 billion)

The movie was never released in 1981 had enormous success at that time with Desmond Davis as the helmsman and Laurence Olivier as its main star. This time this movie Clash of The Titans made in the format of three-dimensional (3D). Action movie starring Sam Worthington (Avatar) has become more lively and interesting.

When people no longer trust against their god, Zeus (Liam Nesson) was angry because he felt humiliated by the creature she had created it. In a rage, comes Hades (Ralph Fiennes) who is the brother of Zeus.

Hades offered assistance to the ruler of the earth is to terrorize people in order to worship the god back. But Hades is the ruler of the spirit realm which turned out to have other intentions with the offer that.

Elsewhere, Perseus (Sam Worthington), who was raised by a fisherman, turned out to have a privilege that would take him into a dangerous adventure to save humanity.

Born to the earth because of a conflict between humans and gods, Perseus is in a state of mourning because his family massacred by Hades is determined to avenge the death of his family. But fate led him to fight alongside the army town of Argos and a group of Jin for them to find a way to be able to defeat the Kraken.

Although a slight change from the old version, Clash of the Titans is still showing some of the same scene with his predecessor. Under the direction of director Louis Leterrier who proved successful gush Transporter 2 (2005) and The Incredible Hulk (2008) You'll see a battle between Perseus against Medusa.

In addition you will also see action against the Kraken Perseus, octopus-like monster and a face like a dragon memilki released by Hades on the orders of Zeus who turns out to be his biological father. Other actions that are not less fun is when Perseus riding Pegasus, a handsome stallion and has wings that cut pursue Hades into four parts.

Coupled with 3-dimensional wrapping add this movie more real, images that appear as if out of the screen
within four days of screenings.


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