Final Fantasy XIII is Square-Enix's main title in the Fabula Nova Crystallis Compilation. It's being produced for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 making it the first new Final Fantasy title on current generation consoles.

Final Fantasy XIII is set in a futuristic world controlling advanced technology and magical crystals. Pulse, the world Final Fantasy XIII is based on has had an evil history which has resulted in the construction of the floating utopian city called Cocoon. For a reason so far unkown, the citizens of Cocoon fear the world below.

The Crystals have the ability to create life forms and machines in Pulse. They also communicate with the super-natrual beings known as the fal'Cie who were responsible for the construction of Cocoon 13 centuries ago. The fal'Cie's descision to create this paradise was made to protect the people from an "infection" on Pulse.

In present day, the Holy Government in charge of Cocoon is extremely paranoid of people coming into any contact
Vanille being freed

Team Nora liberating Exiles
with Pulse. Anyone who is suspected of being influenced by the infection is subject to quarantine and is banished from the city. The prisoners on the train are most likely in the process of being exiled. Because of this, we believe Oerba Dia Vanille who is travelling on the train is suspected of being infected.

Team Nora is a resistance group led by Lightning and Snow which fights against Cocoon's regime. They're responsible
for the attack on the train shown in many of the trailers with the aim of freeing the prisoners with the emphasis on rescuing Vanille. So far, the confirmed members of Team Nora are Lightning and Snow as well as the three minor characters Gadot, Maqui and Lebreau. For more details on them, visit our Characters page.

Although it's uncertain when in the storyline this takes place, Lightning, Snow and Vanille are selected by the fal'Cie to become l'Cie. This burden requires them to become enemies of mankind who must destroy Cocoon.


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