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Several days ago, I also receive the award from a fellow blogger from the kang eNes SC Community by the name of Detective Conan Award. This award also includes multilevel backlink award. I actually feel is still too early to get the award because I know this blog is just one week. But as a mandate that must be submit, would not I have to post my resume and this award to the other fellow bloggers.
In ilustrasinya described, count-backlink count is visible as follows: 

Position (given the Award) 10, the number of backlink = 1 
Position 9, Jml backlink = 5 
Position 8, Jml backlink = 25 
Position 7, Jml backlink = 125 
Position 6, Jml backlink = 625 
Position 5, Jml backlink = 3.125 
Position 4, Jml backlink = 15.625 
Position 3, Jml backlink = 78.125 
Position 2, Jml backlink = 390.625 
Position 1, Jml backlink = 1,953,125

 Rules backlink play multi-level award 
Detective Conan Award that have distinctive main rules, namely: 
First, the award recipient must share the Award to the 10 blogs that are considered eligible to receive the Award. 
Second, the recipient of the Award itself to "the Participant Award" which is located at the position 10 after the position to remove the 4, and the position 5 to position 4, position 6 to position 5, position 7 to position 6, and so on .. 
Third, the award recipient must re-write the name of each of the following links "The Best of Award".

 List of Participants Detective Conan Award are: 

1. Facebook
2. Friendster
3. Google
4. Ferdi Fauzan
5. Yuliani 89
6. Hafizu
7. Rahmat
8. SC Community
9. Digital Life
10. Video Asik

So you need to remove so that the relative position of a Ferdi Fauzan up and you will have in the position 10. 

Play according to the rules then I will give the award to 10 people co-blogger, namely: 
1.  Putera04 Simple Blog
3. Arifanhero 
4. Nurul Qomar 
5. Reza 
6. Curahan kita 
7. Sebagian duniaku 
8. Aldrik 
9. Art of 'hobby' 
10. Today news

Well, for those of you selected to receive the Award Detective Conan is expected to be ready to take. For pictures you can download here.

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  1. NURA said...
    salam sobat
    selamat atas AWARDnya ya..
    semoga sobat,,sukses selalu ya,,,

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