Residen Evil 5

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I stumbled upon some articles debating if Resident Evil 5 is a racist game. Just the fact that this is being even remotely debated angers me and infuriates me greatly.
Resident Evil 5 is the 12th console game in the series, yes the 12th.
In this occasion the setting is in Africa where the main character Chris Redfield goes to investigate occurrences where innocent villagers are being infected with a virus that turns them into “zombies.” Over there he teams up with Sheva (a local) to stop these events. look!

Jill here also will be the enemy
Their Position relies on a series of myths that relegate those they lead to perpetual victimhood: the myth of rampant racism, the myth of hate crimes and the myth of a conspiracy among whites to keep blacks down. By spreading myths such as these the Misery Merchants do not encourage success among their constituents; they only deepen the sense of misery. They work around the clock to make sure that their version of life, one of divisions and hatred, becomes our reality. However, the perpetuation of these myths is doing more today than racism to obstruct black achievement in this country.

Look at our president Barack Obama, instead of having the same talking points as other african-american civil rights leaders have, he went for something different. He had a message of hope, a message that we are all together; yes he did remind us that his grandfather couldn’t sit in a restaurant 60 years ago, but when comparing it to the fact that a country that has been divided by racism as much as the United States has it’s first black president the reminder is welcome.

Resident Evil 5 is just a game, if you think that because here it deals with black people then it’s racist, then look deep within yourself and ask yourself: “is it okay then to shoot white/hispanic/asian/european people?” Do you even know how many times have german and japanese being killed in World War II movies and games? Do you see them complaining? Is it racism? Resident Evil 5 is NOT racist.

Just because Obama is president doesn’t mean racism has ended, but by spreading ignorance and hate won’t help either.
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